Build Traceability

The Build Traceability app displays CA Agile Central work items (defects, stories, and tasks) that are part of a particular build, and helps identify what has changed from one build to the next.

Build Traceability

Select a build definition and build from the drop-down menus for a tabular view of changeset and work item data. To view more detail, the table provides a link to the work item's detail page and a link to the changeset if a URI exists.

To print the contents of this app, select Print from the App Tools drop-down menu.

The app supports this process:

  1. A developer includes information on the CA Agile Central work item (Formatted ID) in a commit message to create an association between the changeset and a CA Agile Central work item.
  2. The CA Agile Central Source Code Management Integration creates the changeset object.
  3. The commit triggers a Jenkins (Hudson) continuous build.
  4. Once the Jenkins continuous build completes, the CA Agile Central Connector creates a build object in CA Agile Central that is associated with the changeset.

Additional features

Use the Auto Height setting to automatically adjust the vertical space of the app based on the amount of visible data.


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