The Rally for Bugzilla connector provides a flexible means of synchronizing bugs between Rally and Bugzilla.


Features include:

  • Choose any work item
  • Filter only certain work items to synchronize
  • Map most fields
  • Choose field transfer direction
  • Default field values
  • Easily map users
  • Easily map different drop-down fields between systems
  • Choose which services to run:
  • Choose which services to run: copy to Rally, copy to Bugzilla, update to Rally, update to Bugzilla, or update Rally fields and Bugzilla fields
  • Easily map to Rally's project structure
  • Multiple extension points for customization

See the Bugzilla Installation & User Guide for information on installing, configuring, and using the connector.

Supported Version: Bugzilla 3.6 through 4.4.1
Cost: Free


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