Blocking History

The Blocking History app provides you with a listing of when user stories and tasks were blocked and unblocked in an iteration, and who performed the action.

Blocking History

Note: This app takes advantage of the CA Agile Central App SDK, which addresses some performance issues. In particular, the use of the IterationDropdown component cleans up the visuals tremendously, and the query time for projects with a large number of iterations has been greatly reduced.

Features include:

  • View any user stories that are blocked or were previously blocked in an iteration
    • View FormattedID, Schedule State, Status, # of Tasks, and # of Currently Blocked Tasks values of stories
  • Click the Show Tasks link to view details of blocked or previously blocked tasks for the user story
    • View FormattedID, Name, Schedule State, and Status values of tasks
  • Click the Show Blocking History link to view a history of when a task was blocked
  • Use the Iteration drop-down menu to view past and future iterations
  • Use the auto height setting to automatically adjust the vertical space of the app based on the amount of visible data
  • Create a custom page
For Developers: 


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