App Deprecation

What does app deprecation mean? It means that CA Agile Central is removing the app from the app catalog in order to make room for new apps and to reduce clutter. Our goal is to always provide the most valuable apps to our customers, and that means occasionally removing existing apps, especially ones that are negatively impacting performance.

The deprecated apps will no longer appear in the app catalog. Additionally, the help descriptions for these apps will be removed. Instances of these apps on custom pages and dashboards will also be removed as part of the deprecation.

Deprecated Apps

The list of deprecated apps will be posted here, along with recommendations for alternatives.

Create a Custom HTML App

When an app has been deprecated, you can generally still find the source code for the app in GitHub. With that source, you can create a Custom HTML app.

  1. On a custom page or dashboard, select the gear icon at the top right of the page and select Add App.
  2. Find or search for Custom HTML, and add that app to your page.
  3. Go to the GitHub link for the app you’d like to add, then find the source (usually in a deploy directory, named App.html). Copy it into the HTML section of the Custom HTML app settings and Save.


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