2014 Q2 Release Notes


Overview of new features
Beta programs
Changes to the SOAP, REST, & JSON Web Service API
Hardware and software requirements
Defect fixes
Known issues
Customer Support


These notes provide pertinent information regarding the additions to CA Agile Central On-Demand during the second quarter of 2014. Features and defect fixes continually released between April 1st and July 31, 2014 are included. Hardware and software requirements, compatibility, and known issues for the CA Agile Central Enterprise and Unlimited Editions during this time period are also provided.

What’s new in Q2

For CA Agile Central Enterprise and Unlimited customers:

New Release Planning board/page

CA Agile Central has released a new Release Planning board/page, which is available in the CA Agile Central App Catalog or as a page under PortfolioRelease Planning. Release Planning facilitates release preparation and the planning process at the program level.

Release Planning Board

Release Planning features:

  • View the Release Capacity for each release, which is a calculation of the total number of feature points divided by the release velocity
  • Schedule lowest level portfolio items into a release by drag-and-drop from the Backlog column to a Release column
  • Search for portfolio items to schedule in the backlog
  • Quickly add and update portfolio items
  • Select any portfolio item fields you want to display on the cards
  • Filter by any field on the portfolio item

Enhanced Getting Started experience

The Getting Started experience that you see when you log into CA Agile Central for the first time has been improved with a carousel that can help you get going with CA Agile Central, from setting up your project hierarchy to how to add apps.

Getting Started carousel

The carousel can be accessed after the first login by selecting the Getting Started for... app in the App Catalog and adding it to your dashboard.

Improved search in CA Agile Central Help

CA Agile Central Help search has been enhanced with auto suggestions, better search results, and filter capabilities.

Search criteria is now auto suggested for you when you enter a search term in the box at the top right of any page in CA Agile Central Help.

New search auto suggest

Search results can be further filtered by:

  • Online Help
  • The rallydev.com site
  • The CA Agile Central Success Community
  • Agile University
  • All of the above (default)

New search refine

To remove search criteria from the search results page, click the X to the right of the search box.

You can select the Sort by dropdown menu to filter results by Relevance (default) or Date.

New search relevance date

Support link now directs to the CA Agile Central Success Community

The Support link in CA Agile Central will now direct to the CA Agile Central Success Community.

The new CA Agile Central Success Community was designed for CA Agile Central’s passionate community of customers, partners and experts to engage with each other and get answers.

Support link

View our How to Login article to learn the easiest way to login based on your type of subscription and Single Sign-On (SSO) settings.

CA Agile Central Idea Manager enhancements

CA Agile Central Idea Manager has been enhanced with the following new features to improve data management, systems configuration, and site functionality:

  • Administrators and users can quickly bulk add multiple ideas with the Idea Import option
  • Site administrators can now create blog posts for users to provide comments
  • Users can use voting chips to allocate to ideas
  • Users can select a time to receive a daily email digest

Notification sent when a user is deactivated in CA Agile Central

Users will now receive an automated email from CA Agile Central when they are deactivated. The email will contain the contact information of the subscription administrator so that users can easily reply to the email and ask to be reactivated if needed.

User deactivation email

Learn more about the new detail pages

CA Agile Central recently announced the release of a beta version of the detail page. Want to learn more about the features of the new page? Click here to review some frequently asked questions.

New detail page

Beta version of new detail pages now available

CA Agile Central has released new detail pages that allow you to directly edit fields. If you can see a field and have the right permissions, you can edit it. Fields are automatically saved when you leave a field.

To use the new page, click Try New Version, located at the top of the sidebar.

Try New Version

To send your comments to CA Agile Central regarding the new page, click Feedback. Detail page feedback

CA Agile Central Portfolio Manager: New Portfolio tab

CA Agile Central has added a Portfolio tab that contains all of the core portfolio/program-level pages, including:

New Tab

You can also add your own custom portfolio pages to this tab.

Project-Level Shared Custom Pages

Admins now have the ability to create a custom page that is shared with one or more projects. Previously, custom pages could only be private or shared with all users in the workspace.

Use the Share with selected projects field when creating or editing a custom page to share it with one or more projects. Users will see the custom page in their menus when viewing one of the specified projects.


  • You must be a subscription, workspace, or project admin to share a custom page
  • Subscription and workspace admins may continue to share custom pages with the entire workspace by selecting the Share with all projects check box in the custom page editor window

CA Agile Central Portfolio Manager: Portfolio Kanban now a CA Agile Central core page

In addition to being available as an app, the Portfolio Kanban is now available as a page in CA Agile Central under TrackPortfolio Kanban.

Additionally, the Portfolio Kanban has been enhanced to include the following features:

  • Now you can set the Portfolio Item type without having to access the Settings menu. Select the dropdown menu to select the Type.

  • Select Portfolio Item Type

  • Select the fields to display by clicking the Show on Cards icon on the main page or app.

  • Show on Cards

Introducing CA Agile Central Application Manager

CA Agile Central Application Manager provides a set of authentication features for API and app developers and users.

Features include:

  • API keys to access your subscription data without using your username and password
  • Integration of external web apps using CA Agile Central’s OAuth server
  • View the status of any CA Agile Central or custom OAuth applications that you have authorized on your account

CA Agile Central Application Manager

Admin subscription settings

Sub admins may control certain abilities of workspace and project admins by enabling or disabling checkboxes found in the Admin Capabilities section of their subscription settings page. By default, the following four settings are enabled:

  • Workspace Admins Can Create New Users
  • Project Admins Can Create New Users
  • Project Admins Can Enable and Disable Users
  • Project Admins Can Create New Child Projects

The Project Admins Can Enable and Disable Users setting is new to CA Agile Central, while the other options have been moved within the settings page and subscription editor to be easier to find. Learn more about these and other subscription settings.

Beta programs

CA Agile Central’s beta programs get you involved with improving effectiveness and usability of new features before they are released. If you would like to participate, please send an email to betas@rallydev.com.

Changes to the SOAP, REST, & JSON Web Service API

Web Services API deprecation policy

In order to support developer toolkits, custom apps, and queries more effectively, we are introducing a formal deprecation policy to the Web Services API. With the new policy, we will make commercially reasonable efforts to support older versions of the WSAPI for one year after a new version is released.

The following WSAPI versions will no longer be supported by the date indicated in parentheses: 1.42 (May 8, 2014); 1.43 (June 20, 2014).

The current version of the WSAPI, 2.0, is fully supported. Its one year deprecation period will begin on the date that the next version is released. You may review the full deprecation policy in the CA Agile Central Web Services API documentation.

Hardware and software requirements

We at CA Agile Central are committed to making our software easily accessible. You can access CA Agile Central wherever you have an Internet connection via a PC, Linux, or Macintosh computer. Because this software is available through the World Wide Web, many of the constraints regarding which computer and software you use to access this material have been removed.

Nevertheless, it is not possible or practical for us to support every operating system and browser combination that is available. To take advantage of the newest CA Agile Central features, we recommend that you use one of the following fully supported browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer*

We support the two latest versions of each of these browsers. We do not recommend using development, test, or beta versions of these web browsers. Versions that are not publicly released may not work properly with the CA Agile Central application. In particular we strongly suggest using Chrome.

Regardless of the browser you choose, you must enable cookies and JavaScript.

* Internet Explorer Currently, we support Internet Explorer 11, Internet Explorer 10, and Internet Explorer 9. CA Agile Central does not support Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8.

PDF Reader:

  • Minimum Adobe Reader 5.0 Microsoft Windows platforms (not Linux)
  • Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher recommended


  • Minimum 1024 X 768 X 256-color video resolution, 1280 x 1024 recommended.

Defects fixed in Q2

The following defects were resolved and patched during the first quarter of 2014:

  • DE10262 - Export from Quality → Defects appends "points" text to the numeric field
  • DE17180 - Export from Plan → Backlog includes HTML
  • DE17304 - When switching projects in Portfolio Item page, the Type value remains but displayed items do not match
  • DE17402 - Split story does not include tags on an unfinished story
  • DE17676 - The Personal Burndown app and the Productivity Chart continually load when using Internet Explorer 9 or 10
  • DE20608 - Password reset emails not being sent
  • DE20966 - Some users unable to edit user stories that were imported with "Sample Color" in the Display Color field
  • DE21100 - Team Member checkbox must be unchecked when updating a user from Team Member to Project Admin when there are no child projects
  • DE21120 - Kanban Board Filter by Owner does not return stories/defects with tasks owned by the selected user
  • DE20457 - Portfolio Item State field editor does not display values when Type drop down is changed
  • DE21476 - Using drag-and-drop with the Release Backlog on the Plan > Plan page automatically moves the item to the bottom of the list
  • DE21477 - New sandbox users receive error message when setting their password via welcome email
  • DE21516 - Custom grids with queries displays error message
  • DE21544 - Kanban board not filtering by Iteration or Release

Known issues in Q2

Multiple notification emails for single changes

Some users receive several email notifications for a single change they have made to a defect.

Formatting options are disabled when editing artifacts in Internet Explorer 10 and 11

When editing a user story or defect via the pop-up editor, formatting options are greyed out and disabled.

Not all work items may be recovered from the Recycle Bin

Only user stories, portfolio items, defects, test cases, and tasks are recoverable from the Recycle Bin.

Dragging test sets into the backlog on the Plan page

Dragging a test set from an iteration into the backlog on the Plan page will appear to make the test set disappear. The test set is still in CA Agile Central, but it has become unscheduled. To view the test set, go to the Iteration Status page and choose an iteration drop-down value of Unscheduled.

Popup blockers and CA Agile Central

Be aware that some of CA Agile Central’s content is displayed using popup windows. Popup blockers may inhibit this functionality. To correct this, configure your popup blockers to allow CA Agile Central popups.

Salesforce.com Integration: Create defect function does not instantly respond

The create defect function found in Salesforce does not immediately provide feedback from the associated CA Agile Central subscription. This may result in the inadvertent creation of multiple defects. Click the button only once to avoid this issue.

Pasting formatted text from MS Word may result in error

Copy-pasting rich-format text into a work item editor from Microsoft Word may result in formatting or system errors. To work around this issue, compose directly in the CA Agile Central work item editors, or convert your entry to plain text before pasting.

Contacting Customer Support

The CA Agile Central Success Community is your one-stop shop for self-service and support. Find answers, collaborate with others, and submit cases with CA Agile Central Support at success.rallydev.com.


Need more help? The CA Agile Central Community is your one-stop shop for self-service and support. To submit feedback or cases to CA Agile Central Support, find answers, and collaborate with others, please join us in the CA Agile Central Community.